DJ102G-E/S4, 18:1, Bearing aluminium shafts, Ebony buttons at your choice, 2x3

Product no.: DJ102G-E/S4
73.20 / set(s)
Price incl. VAT, plus delivery
Bearing aluminium shafts S4
& Ebony buttons
at your choice
without additional costs
Friction free due to bearing shafts
By the bearing ring and the slightly smaller diameter of the shafts,
the friction in the timber are about zero.
This allows a very fine and sensitive adjustment for the strings
Finish: Solid metal, satin gold-plated, discretly patterned
Gear Ratio: 18:1
Buttons: Type E1 (Standard), high quality ebony, screwed
(Ebony button options see at picture gallery)
Shafts: Type S4, solid aluminium, bearing, black
If you want another buttons,
please leave a message in the
"Order and delivery comments" box
Scope of delivery: 1 set (2x3), fixing screws

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